to define guaja is define the actual workspace and its relation with free time. Inaugurated in 2016 as a coworking space, which also works as a courses space, and restaurant.

designed to be a platform of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, its main concept word has always been serendipity: the seemingly random, fortunate events in our lives that lead to great unforeseen consequences.

an imaginary fruit

guided by this, guaja in an effort with greco design made up a fruit. said fictional fruit is a metaphor of the space and values the company believes in.

purple in nature, the fruit is tropical, succulent and grows in clusters of several different maturation states, sprouting randomly from a rhizome, a root that extends itself without boundaries.

they took it so far that you could even drink the guaja’s juice, tea or cocktail.

but in 2019 they felt that all the values they were trying to communicate so much weren’t engaging with the public through the — by that time — actual visual identity.

pronounce was another issue: showing GU A JA separately in the logo induced people to spell guajá instead of guája.

after changing its model multiple times to make the space friendlier, more accessible to everyone, they were now grasping for a new look and feel.

We compared and translated the fruit into the concept:

By ‘fruit of several different maturation states’ we’ve got community; ‘flowers and fruits all together’ translated into engagement; ‘spontaneous sprouting’ to serendipity; and ‘rhizome growth’ turned to network entrepreneurship

we went full experimental

more than a simple logo, guaja’s new face is a system, made to be used by the community. serendipity is more visible than ever.

type it

for such a dynamic system, guaja earned itself a variable font: ‘rizoma’. with endless possibilities, is an open-source font and you can create your own serendipitous guaja logo and apply wherever you prefer.

we designed the shapes and made them into a full-fledged open type font. create your own here.

.cc → creative community

renaming the wordmark to include the company’s website is a brave take towards the digital era: the website joins the virtual and physical aspects listing events, including articles and presenting the space in a digital way.


stamp it

now applicable in any surface, in one colour or in black, the logo — and its deviations — now differ from the original watercolour scientific drawings, whilst still referencing it.

colour it

always experimental, guaja was never known specifically for the use of a colour palette. now with defined colours, summarising every aspect of the company becomes easier and smoother.