café do denison

café do denison

café do denison

café do denison

café do denison

café do denison

café do denison

denison lives in caparaó — a specific micro-region in espírito santo — as a specialty coffee producer focused on quality above quantity. this region is full of mountains, with high altitude and mild weather, making even better the coffee from this region. he started working with coffee in 2015, in the property of his father-in-law, producing commodity coffee. year after year denison improved his ability and studies with coffee ap to a point where he began producing specialty coffee — ranking above 90 points (using the specialty coffee association protocol evaluation). but, to be known in the open market and have his own logo and visual identity, denison came to us to find a way to illustrate his brand.

the logo had to be practical and easy to apply, in a way could the stamped in kraft or other common papers, without much sacrifice on quality. the project was made possible in partnership with lara, a barista who works with specialty coffee and earlier this year visited denison’s farm, getting to know more about his life, his property and the way he treats every cherry. all the photos used here were taken by lara in caparaó.



this micro-region — inside the state of espírito santo — has incredible characteristics of altitude and climate that favors even more the cultivation of micro-lots of specialty coffee. we used the hills of this region to highlight the origin of this brand, having its topography as a visual icon.


“my history with coffee began in 2015, a little bit after i’ve got married. married with a rural producer daughter and getting tired of living in the city, i saw taking care of my father-in-law land as an opportunity — it was a property with 6 hectares, pretty small — so, i moved and started living in the property.”


we honoured caparaó and its unique and fantastic ground relief. by using tracing paper, we graphically represented the hills as an expression mark of the terroir of this land.

specialty coffee


“why not use everything that favors quality? why not cultivate even better coffee? so, on the next year, i began to visit other coffee producers e started to learn some techniques from them. i made my own african bed and began to handly pick the coffee cherries. i had an amazing result right in the first year, 2016. i sold the sack for double the normal price of a commodity sack. after that i bought a pulping machine and made even more coffee, increasing the price — and quality — even further.”


appreciation for quality

working on a small property, the production was focused on quality rather than quantity. from hand-picking during harvest, to picking out the floaters, to the fermentation studies; every step was essential to make this coffee even greater and with this amazing result on the cup.

after that we were certain that denison’s hands and the coffee plant had to be connected somehow.

this sea of cherries — so fully riped that the taste buds start to salivate — were significant to represent the care with each cherry picked.

from labor to love

“i fell in love even more with coffee growing. i took classes of sensory skills where i began to understand deeper about my product. since then, work and love began to walk closely to each other. i had several jobs in a variety of areas, but never felt any pleasure from it. right now, i work my hardest every single day but i’m also at my happiest, because i’ve found love in the labor.”

either for his family, father-in-law, the altitude of caparaó; all of it was important to increase the interest in coffee. slowly every single detail was crucial to create this passion he puts in his job. this kind of love makes easier to climb those mountains with the sun on the neck.

putting it together

we put together the three pillars that were valuable for denison:

1— the origin

caparaó and its mountains

2 — specialty coffee

the personal care with every bean, handly picking each one of them, directly from the coffee tree.

3 — passion for work

the attention to his production, producing only micro-lots.

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